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Stop Smoking...and quit for good this time!


98% Quit Ratio* - 29 years experience - 80% Discount!**

Stop Smoking Clinic of America has a Stop Smoking Program that teaches you how to quit smoking cigarettes forever... in the privacy of your own home!

We use a very "high tech" approach, combined with proven "old fashioned" methods. We provide...

HYPNOSIS (Smoking & Weight),





Vitamin Therapy (Smoking),

& Support MP3 audio (Smoking).

One of the problems with most quit smoking approaches is that they treat the addiction as if it were by itself in a vacuum.
You've altered your habits, routines, and schedules to accommodate your smoking addiction.
When people try to quit smoking using only one method or gimmick, they still have learned smoking behaviors undermining their efforts, pulling them back towards their addiction.

We use a combination approach that changes the way you function so that you "un-learn" self destructive behavior.
We even show you how you can change your chemistry using safe water soluble vitamins to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms easier.  You can calm down and speed up depending on which vitamins you take.

We now offer our complete Stop Smoking Program ONLINE at an 80% discount!

Stop Smoking Clinic Online founder-president

Cecelia LePage has been helping people "kick the habit" for over 29 years.

She will be your guide to make the transitions necessary, helping you become the very best person you can be.

We have a cure rate of 98% at the end of the program, and good "sticking power" because our program addresses all parts of the smoking addiction.


If you have questions, or would prefer to purchase our program by phone, call us at (804) 796-5921
or e-mail the Stop Smoking Clinic of America at:

Stop Smoking Clinic e-mail

* Quit ratio was 98% and no serious safety issues were encountered when the program was facilitated by a competent individual/helper.

** This is essentially the same $485 live program as before but now it is on video, audio, & PDF text at a significant discount.

[Purchase this "Online Quit Smoking Course", which is our entire program downloaded to your computer]

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